4 Week Creative Lab
For Dancers, Physical Theatre Actors and Contemporary Circus Performers 

September 8 - October 6, 2014 

Discover, create, share, exchange - join the creative space for your boldest ideas in contemporary Physical Theatre!

The 4-week Lab is a special project which offers a unique opportunity to performers from different countries to become the part of the international multidisciplinary artistic team and to collaborate on the work-in-progress in the creative space of the Russian repertory theatre. 

The project mission is to create the "live creation platform" and the fascinating encounter of artists from diverse artistic backgrounds and techniques in multicultural and multilingual artistic environment

The Lab means:
  • open hearth for new artistic flames
  • international epicentre for new discoveries and creative inspiration 
  • safe place for creative risks
  • stepping beyond the limits of the text-based performance
  • search for the universal “intercultural” language in contemporary performance
  • platform for exchange, network and collaboration 
The Lab objective is to encourage participants to get inspired by the unique international collaboration, step out of the comfort zone, experience new creative challenges and gain new insights on the way to light, creative and joyful performance.

The programme includes practical training, rehearsals and the intensive creative process on the way to the performance/work-in-progress.

During the project participants will have a unique opportunity to become acquainted with the "creative factory" of the Russian repertory theatre - a complex mechanism with numerous departments, huge staff, and large scale activities going on simultaneously. On the way to creation of the work-in-progress in the limited rehearsal time participants will be able to experience and learn practically how to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones, to listen to each other, to accept differences, to treat obstacles positively and to be open to joint ideas on performance vision, style, script, music and other elements offered by all the members of the creative team.

The Artistic Director of the Lab is the Russian theatre director, teacher, the Head of IUGTE Russian Theatre Department, Sergei Ostrenko

The working languages are English and Russian (knowledge of one of the languages is sufficient).

Participants who successfully finish the Lab can receive IUGTE Certificate.


The registration has now completed. 

Accommodation support in Russia is provided to participants.

The group is forming on a competitive basis. Only several spots are available.
For application, candidates should send the following documents to iugte.projects@gmail.com
  • Letter of motivation stating interest in joining the Lab. 
  • Detailed CV.  
  • Scanned copy of the passport/ID card.
  • Scanned copy of the academic degree confirming professional education.
  • Latest head shot and 2-3 additional photos.  
  • Any information confirming professional artistic experience: web links to past projects, performances, photo, video, reviews, articles, interviews, etc. 
The organizers will be glad to help participants in planning travel itinerary and practical details.

Organized by IUGTE in collaboration with ArtUniverse